Engineered Automation Solutions

J2S Transition

The Mitsubishi Electric MR-J2S was introduced in 1999 as a highly flexible servo offering designed to fit a wide range of applications with the […]

ISO Advantage

Tired of redesign cost associated with obsolete components? Ask us about the ISO Advantage and future proof your designs.

ISO Cylinders

Lutze DriveFlex

DRIVEFLEX® is a family of drive cables designed to meet the unique electrical challenges in VFD and Servo applications. All DRIVEFLEX® cables use a […]

FAST Program

Festo Assured Shipping Time Supporting Advanced Automation… As No One Else Can! With “Same Day”, “3 Day” and “5 Day” availability of 1000’s of […]

Recent News

Mitsubishi Electric System Integrator: EDA

EDA (Engineering Design & Automation) joined the Mitsubishi Electric System Integrator Program (MESIP).  Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, EDA has extensive knowledge in continuous […]

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