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When an Allied Automation expert walks in your door, everything’s on the table. We’re engineers first so our goal is the same as yours – finding the best solution for you, not just selling you a specific brand or part. In Allied, you have a partner who gathers all the information available, learns your specific needs, then puts together all the pieces to find the parts or the system that’s just right for you.


A Modern Manufacturing Breakthrough

For an increasing number of manufacturers, the solution to meeting today’s challenges is a new breed of technology that Rethink Robotics pioneered. Many call it collaborative robotics, the most commonly known definition for a cage-free, easier to program automation tool. Allied Automation is a proud partner of Rethink Robotics, with the world’s first interactive production robots that empower people to take their automation needs into their own hands – literally.

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Today Allied Automation is a trusted leader for some of the most advanced solutions available, and we partner with world-class brands like Festo and Mitsubishi to offer the best products around.

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