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J2S Transition

The Mitsubishi Electric MR-J2S was introduced in 1999 as a highly flexible servo offering designed to fit a wide range of applications with the […]

ISO Advantage

Tired of redesign cost associated with obsolete components? Ask us about the ISO Advantage and future proof your designs.

ISO Cylinders

Lutze DriveFlex

DRIVEFLEX® is a family of drive cables designed to meet the unique electrical challenges in VFD and Servo applications. All DRIVEFLEX® cables use a […]

FAST Program

Festo Assured Shipping Time Supporting Advanced Automation… As No One Else Can! With “Same Day”, “3 Day” and “5 Day” availability of 1000’s of […]

Recent News

  • Mitsubishi Electric Robot AOIs

Mitsubishi Electric Robot AOIs

Just released!  Add-On Instructions (AOI) for Mitsubishi Electric’s CR750 robot controller + Ethernet/IP card.  Simply control your robot from a Logix processor with Ethernet/IP.

  • New Mitsubishi Electric A800 VFD

New Mitsubishi Electric A800 VFD

With the FR-A800 series of inverters, Mitsubishi Electric introduces its very latest drive technology with an output range extending from 750 watts up to a maximum of 1 megawatt. They provide for the operation of both standard asynchronous motors and IPM/SPM motor technology.

  • New Mitsubishi Electric HMI

New Mitsubishi Electric HMI

The fully updated GOT2000 series hardware and software incorporates customer requirements and include improved basic functions to enable higher levels of performance and plant efficiency. The new faster processors in the GT2000 operating panels give them incredibly fast monitoring and boot speed.

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